Monday, February 10, 2020

ANOVA Study Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

ANOVA Study - Coursework Example Or value 0 can be assigned to the negative (frustration and depression) moods and value ‘1’ can be assigned to the positive (happiness and calmness) moods. The three levels A, B and C are the groups which consists of three groups of people watching the above said three TV shows. The independent variable in this analysis is the type of TV show and the dependent variable is moods of the people. It is assumed that moods of the people depend on the type of the TV shows they are watching. Based on this assumption, null and alternative hypothesis are formulated. H0: u1=u2=†¦.=uk and Ha: all us are not equal. The F-ratio equals the mean square between groups divided by the mean square within groups. That is, Fobt= MS bn/ MSwn . When F-ratio is found significant, Fobt should be greater than 1 (Heiman, 2003). In our analysis, the results are found to be significant. That is, null hypothesis is rejected and alternative hypothesis is accepted. Type of TV shows has significant role in influencing people’s mood. For Post –hoc comparisons, t-test is conducted. From t-test, we can find out that which type of TV show is more significant role in influencing people’ moods. Among A, B or C, which one leads to the happiness and calmness of the people. In other words, which TV show plays role in leading the people’s moods to depression or frustration. When a factor is analyzed using independent samples in all conditions, it is called between-subjects factor. Our study make use of between-subjects factor ANOVA. The selection of our three sample groups are completely independent. We are gathering information from three different group of people watching different TV shows and hence our analysis is between-subjects factor

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